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One of the things we like to do at WMWM is promote independent musicians from the local music scene. Some of our shows, like “What's Happening” on Saturdays, and “The Juke Joint” on Sundays, have showcased North Shore artists live. And “Everything You Know Is Wrong” mixes in a bunch of up-and-coming Boston / New England artists. This list includesfrom that show that had new releases this year.

Molly Pinto Madigan

She's near and dear to us at WMWM, having lived in Salem and graduated from SSU. She was also recently featured at an open mic night on campus this semester. Her latest album “Wildwood Bride” showcases her acoustic guitar skills, as well as her light-as-air voice and her album's artistic arrangements, conjuring up images of walking through forests, rustling your feet through autumn leaves. The title track is a poignant statement of willingness to commit to a relationship for life, while “On the Hunt” and “To You” are blessed with the intelligent poetry of love and longing. She has a knack for crafting expressive lyrics and creating aural wonders of nature. The album's a beautiful trip.

Molly's latest is on Bandcamp here: http://mollypintomadigan.bandcamp.com/album/wildwood-bride
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=molly%20pinto%20madigan


If you prefer something louder with a grungy crunch, check out Dinoczar. This “doom punk boogie” trio from Boston via Laguna Beach comes from the school of Terry Malts fuzz rock, and they bring it with tempo changes. Check out their work on the single “Burnt Out” - it blasts a hole in your brain, and just as it kicks ass, then dives right into a bluesy downer, then toward the end picks you back up off the floor and smacks you around a little. Or a lot. “Burnt Out” is the single to their next album due out in early 2016. I expect their next album to bring a matured fuzzed-up sound in all sorts of creative directions.

Dinoczar on Bandcamp: http://dinoczar.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dinoczar?_rdr=p

Speedy Ortiz

The critics love this alt-rock band, and with good reason. This Northampton, MA band's 2ndalbum “Foil Deer” is crammed with ingenious lyrics, which you should expect from lead singer Sadie Dupuis and her MFA in poetry at UMass Amherst. Speedy Ortiz stuffs a suitcase full of different approaches to indie rock, to go along with the well-honed lyrical skill: as Pitchfork.com said, the words are “gleaming with threats involving sharp blades both literal and figurative”.

Speedy Ortiz on Bandcamp: http://speedyortiz.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=speedy%20ortiz
Latest video for “My Dead Girl”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voen58Mn8sY

Zip-Tie Handcuffs

Their latest album is “Sundream”, and I fell for this one pretty hard. On one hand, I admit there's a sameness to many of the tracks when taken as a whole, but on the other hand all of them crank and can stand on their own. “Psychotic Dance” and “Fwench” are the best tunes, and the title track gives my spastic joy. Three guys make a lotta noise to fill your brain with the appropriate RDA of sound. Get yours today with a tall glass of milk and get healthy, people!

Zip-Tie Handcuffs on Bandcamp: http://ziptiehandcuffs.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ziptiehandcuffs/

Annabel Lee

This Boston artist may remind some of Lana Del Rey and Lorde, and maybe early period Tori Amos. Her vocals on her newest EP “Melting” are as soaring as they are searing. She also comes with critical chops: last year she was named Rock Act Of the Year by the New England Music Awards.

Annabel on Bandcamp: http://annabelxlee.bandcamp.com/releases

Glenn Yoder & the Western States

Their latest “Blood Red Moon” maintains Glenn's authentic alt-country sound and themes. On the track “1711” he recalls pulling over on a Texas country road to just stare at the stars. Other tracks such as “Ferris Wheel”, “Drunk On You”, and the title track sum up the joys and pains of relationships. This album pairs well with barbecue ribs and a tall lemonade, or a bourbon on the rocks.

Glenn Yoder on Bandcamp: http://glennyoder.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glennyodermusic

Salem Wolves

Named for the Massachusetts city where they're from, Salem Wolves generate lo-fi power pop with a couple milliliters of glam punk. They released a 4-song EP and 2 slammin' singles in 2015, and they're going to get busy on the club scene this month, with shows at O'Brien's onDecember 12 and Opus inSalem on December 18.

Salem Wolves on Bandcamp: http://salemwolves.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salemwolves/
Website: http://www.salemwolves.com/

As the Sparrow

Our former general manager Eric Roberts was a big fan of this band – they mix vocals, strings, and brass in their latest EP “The Otherside” into a potent and intelligent mix of driving alt pop. “Lie To Me Dear” is a swinging cabaret of mixed emotions, and “You Showed Us” shows us how to tightly integrate violins into a fast-paced rock song about love smashed to bits.

As the Sparrow on Bandcamp: http://asthesparrow.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asthesparrow/?fref=ts
Website: http://www.asthesparrow.com/

The Televibes
This 3-piece band from Salisbury, MA seem to have built their own echo chamber for a deep resonant vocal sound to go with their psychedelic guitar work. On their latest “High Or Die”, the tracks “DMT”, “Asyd”, and the best of them, “Ex To See”, all try to launch into space using just your mind. This is not drug-induced either. They just started recording a new album, due out next year.

The Televibes on Bandcamp: http://thetelevibesofficial.bandcamp.com/album/high-or-die
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeleVibes/

Other bands worth a mention:
  • Bad Rabbits – Boston's biggest undiscovered funk band. Nominated for another BMA award. They are so close to making it nationally big.
  • Chanticlear – a big supporter of my show, which I appreciate! They rock out hard-core style, and since they're from Lawrence, it's fun to listen to them throw shade at Haverhill.
  • Procedure Club – this New Haven CT band has a heavily-layered shoegaze (is that redundant?) single “Let Us Leave Town” which they promoted as part of their O'Brien's show last September. Wishing they left us more than just a taste...
  • PinkShinyUltraBlast – not from New England, but St. Petersburg, Russia. A spry mix of shoegaze and hard guitar. “Everything Else Matters” is my fave non-New England LP of the year.

This is a very limited list – it's limited to my own exposure to bands on my own time. If you have any Boston / New England bands that you thought lit up the scene in 2015, email me at “psa@wmwmstaff.com”.]]>
<![CDATA[REVIEW: KNUCKLE PUCK AT THE ROYALE ON 11/18]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 21:40:55 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/reviewl-knuckle-puck-at-the-royale-on-1118By PR Director, Nikki Vergakes

The night of Wednesday, Nov 18th was an emo and pop-punk filled with emotion. All of the bands played that night at the Royale produce the kind of heart-wrenching tunes that you hand-drum your steering wheel to on long rides to your home town in the pouring rain. They're the kind of jams you turn a shade of blue to. The bands that made me feel all the things 
Wednesday night were Head North, Sorority Noise, Seaway, Knuckle Puck.

I didn't see all of the Head North set, however, the Buffalo native band warmed up the crowd. They ended with their popular, slow ballad "In the Water".

Sorority Noise was when I, and everyone else felt the most feels. You could split up the show in two parts: the first part was slower, the second part was faster. They were both equally as intense, however. During Sorority's noise intense set, the lead singer, Cameron Boucher, discussed his troubles with depression. He recalled sophomore year of college, where he was out with his friends (of course, at pizza), crying because he didn't know why he felt the way he felt. He didn't know why he felt so terrible.

I've personally never dealt with this unfortunate mental illness, however it affects many people that I care so deeply about. He expressed how hard it is to deal with. He said that he learned who his true friends are. "The friends that tell you to get over it don't understand, and are the worst kind of friends to have," he said. He then sang the moving song "Using". I saw two girls hugging and crying in the crowd, overwhelmed with emotion. I loved seeing how music can really affect people.

I stopped wishing I was dead
Learned to love myself before anyone else
Become more than just a burden
I know I'm more than a worthy of your time

I also loved these sassy lyrics from Dirty Ickles:

When we broke up
You told me to try and find myself
So I found myself in someone else's bed
You could say I'm a fool 
But you've had four boyfriends since 
I've learned learn to love myself more than I could ever love you

Knuckle Puck, being the headliner, was the most intense and awesome of the night. They had the whole crows chanting "I'll tell you everything is copacetic" even before they played Untitled. Of course when they did, it was glorious.]]>
<![CDATA[the emo revival lives on]]>Wed, 18 Nov 2015 03:08:18 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/the-emo-revival-lives-onBy Kyle Talbot, New World Order on Sundays at 3-5pm

The emo revival has come in full force:  Modern Baseball, Foxing, and Tiny Moving Parts are on the rise with a style of music that started with Mineral, American Football, and Texas is the Reason in the mid to late 90s. Today, I’ll provide the details on the seminal album of one of the more influential bands of the last ten years in the emo/math rock scene: Algernon Cadwallader.

They were active from 2005-2012, releasing two full lengths (Some Kind of Cadwallader and Parrot Flies) and two EPs (Fun and Demo), as well as various singles. They got their name from ‘the first mayor of Yardley, PA which is a suburb of Philadelphia, where two members of the band are from. The band is memorable not just because they have a name that’s borderline unpronounceable, but because the group (along with bands such as Snowing and Cap’n Jazz) were the forerunners of the current emo revival. They might not be around anymore, but they were the catalysts of it.

Today, I wanna focus on Algernon Cadwallader’s first album, Some Kind of Cadwallader. The album is what propelled them into relevance and is their most memorable piece of work to date in all its simplicity and its complexity.

The first highlight of the album is the title track Some Kind of Cadwallader. I found this song on a whim from a tumblr post, and I was whisked away into something I had never experienced before. The influences of their contemporaries such as Cap’n Jazz and Snowing are undoubtedly there, but they manage to take the sounds of both their contemporaries and their forefathers like Mineral and Texas is the Reason and turn it into something great. The song is also incredibly strong lyrically. See, I have a massive liking for great lyricism. It juxtaposes two different scenarios against each other: the extraordinary brilliance of one’s first prom against climbing a mountain and finding a four leaf clover. The best part is, it’s all done in so few words.

I bought you a corsage/And pinned a flower on my jacket/Because this night means a lot to me./Then you went/And spilled punch/All on my tuxedo shirt/White as a cloud/And now I’m screaming out loud

I found another four leaf clover/Up there on the mountain peak/Where it was hard to speak about…/And the only thing that would come out/And the only thing that would come out was..

These both climax into cathartic chants of OH MAN, IT’S TAKING ME OVER, repeated for effect until it gets caught in your head and starts taking you over. In the first scenario, it could be seen as despair for the ‘best night of your life’ being ruined and that despair taking over, but in the second scenario it could be more of a joyous sensation taking over, showing the two extremes of good and bad emotions almost. And, this is all in two minutes and twenty five seconds.

Next up is Motivational Song. This song shows a lot of the musical talent that the band has, with the complexity of the twangs of the guitars and the crashing of the drums making a fantastic foundation for singer Peter Helmis. With his raspy shouts given to the microphone in extended periods, voice adds a raw, emotionally charged quality to the soft guitars and cymbals on the tracks below him. The tracks may be different, but they all flow together so well to create a great full band experience. And again, the band has fantastic lyricism in so few words with this one.

Johnny, Johnny get on with your life/Won’t get a chance, to get on with it twice/So if fucking up feels right/Then fuck it up/Spread love and you’re less likely /To step in shit when you’re retracing/Share what people show you. The message is so simple: do what you love and the rest will follow behind you, Johnny. And get on past whatever’s behind you, because you have so much greatness to give the world around you.

Last on the list for today is the epic closer to the album, In Response to Irresponsibility. The finish to the album is a staggering thirteen minutes and fourteen seconds, with only twenty-seven words spoken throughout its length, having a powerful message behind them:

When trees/With more leaves/Never teach/The younger trees/We all learn/the same thing/How quickly/We rot back/Into the earth/And start over.

It sends a haunting final message to the listener of the album: if we do not teach our young based fixing the mistakes we made, then we are doomed to repeat the flaws of the past. If we do not teach the lessons we have learned, how can the young learn unless they make the same mistakes? The song is lyrically moving and also a very easy listen with how much of the song is a Modest Mouse-esque jam session.

Song lyrics from plyrics.com and songmeanings.com.
<![CDATA[WMWM LIP SYNC BATTLE]]>Fri, 13 Nov 2015 17:33:52 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/wmwm-lip-sync-battle
Here's a friendly reminder that WMWM Salem is hosting a lip sync battle on 11/30 at 7 p.m. in Vets Hall! Get a group of 5 or less friends to perform an awesome lip sync routine to win either $200 to Lazer Quest, $100 to Dave & Busters, or a Pizza Party.
Need inspiration for a song? Here's a list of awesome songs to sync. To sign up, catch us in Marsh dining on Monday form 5-7 p.m. 
<![CDATA[We used to "boogie" to our parent's music]]>Thu, 29 Oct 2015 15:35:57 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/we-all-used-to-boogie-to-our-parentBy Student DJ, Molly McDonald
We've all “boogied” down to our parents music at some point. Even if you can't stand your parents' Barry White album collection, you can still appreciate their taste for Earth, Wind and Fire and Jimi Hendrix. Something about the 60’s, 70’s, even early 80’s music still lingers today in my music taste. 2015, however,  is missing that funky flair. I’ve always been a fan of psychedelic, classic rock, disco, and funk. I'm constantly searching for festivals that cater to my funky needs. This, sometimes, leaves me feeling isolated on my own funky island amongst a vast sea of indie-loving peers. Where is the heart? Where is the soul? Where is that sexy guitar song I can groove to again? Harts has the soul food you need to fill you soul-hungry appetite. I had the rare opportunity to watch Harts perform and interview Darren Hart, the one man wonder behind it all. Harts Performed a showcase at the College Music Journalism Conference in Manhattan. He also performed at other venues during his stay. I only witnessed three songs, but that was all I needed. Traveling all the way from Melbourne Australia, there was no hint of jet lag at all in his suave performance. His stage presence matched his music., and he had incredible timing. Safe to say, Harts has a ton of heart. He played songs off of his new EP "Breakthrough" as well others songs from his other album Daydreamer. Daydreamer was created after hanging out and jamming with Prince. Prince sent Harts an invitation to jam with him, and said that Harts reminded him of how he was at that age. I couldn’t agree anymore. The song “Leavin it all Behind” had my feet grooving before I had time to comprehend it. Beautifully constructed song with a smooth flavor to it. Harts can make you feel the guitar as if he was Jack White and make you dance as if you were at a Parliament Funkadelic concert. Check out his song Breakthrough and his Breakthrough EP.

 After watching Darren twirl with his guitar wire and casually spin into the mic without falling,  I was mesmerized and couldn’t help but to fan girl. I decided to randomly interview him for WMWM 91.7s music blog. For my first interview I was extremely nervous but Harts and his manager Matt O’Connor were more than cooperative. They both had calm demeanors along with acknowledging how nervous I was, they made me feel comfortable.  

Me: You had a very emotional, high energy, funky almost like sexy performance. What are some details you incorporate into your music; or are inspired by to give your music that funky powerful feel?
Darren: I really don’t know because, I’m really influenced by a lot of different music. In terms of funk and rock I really like artists like Prince, Jimi Hendrix. Earth Wind and Fire, Allman brothers a lot of old funk meets rock type of stuff. I think that has just really embedded in me particularly with Jimi Hendrix. I mean I grew up learning guitar by intimating Jimi Hendrix watching videos, I would play what he was doing so that kinda stuff. And I think that just naturally comes out when I play guitar It’s something that I naturally have. I play all the other instruments, but I really can’t get that emotion out in any other instrument besides guitar it’s really my outlet.
Me: Well, yeah you can tell by the guitar harts has a lot of heart going into it…
Me and Darren: *awkward laughter*
Me: I really like the White Stripes and Jack white a lot
Darren: yeah!
Me: You kinda of remind me of the soul feeling from Jack White a little bit. There is this song called “Ball and a biscuit”
Darren: Yeah, yeah I remember that song.
Me: Your whole performance I was like wow the soul and funk right now reminds me of Jack White. Um so what age were you when you started learning Guitar?
I was about sixteen I think, I’ve been playing guitar for about seven years. I’m 24 now so however long that is. But, yeah I never grew up with an interest in music or anything I didn’t start playing guitar when I was nine or anything like that. I didn’t really come from a musical family or anything.
Me: Did you just feel it one day, and decide to tackle the guitar?  
Yeah, just from friends at school, friends from my high school were getting into it as well, and they started playing guitar and things and I was like seems interesting I wanna have a shot. So I tried the drums first I thought that would be the easiest instrument to learn. I got into that for a few years and I started playing small pub shows with a garage rock band. But I just wanted to branch out and play a more melodic instrument. So that’s when I branched out and started playing guitar.
Me: That’s interesting, you said this is your first time in New York?
Darren: this is technically my second time, but it’s my first time playing here.
Me: What was your first initial feeling playing in New York?
Darren: well this was my first official New York show and It really wasn’t a show you saw the condensed two song version of what I do at a set. So I can’t really answer that question yet until after my main show on Friday. But I did play a few shows in LA as well, and it’s really great it seems like a lot people out here enjoy guitar playing a lot more it connects with them. From talking to them it seems kinda amazing because it's something that is not around.
Me: Yeah, definitely it’s more indie stuff around here so to hear something on the guitar you can groove too is awesome.
Darren: Yeah, it’s the same in Australia too and i’m kinda becoming the guy who’s getting known for doing that which is amazing! I’d love to bring the guitar back and also really bring excitement back to the instrument again. Kinda like ways it was in the 60’s and 70’s it was cutting edge back then. I kinda want to recreate that now, so yeah.
Me: That's awesome! bringing the 70’s back to 2015. So, I have two more questions for you. What was a moment on stage you had to come back from? Like a time you completely messed up on stage?
Darren: You mean like any time on stage?
Me: Yes, when you remembered and you just had a really good comeback.
Darren: Yeah, well sometimes I zone out particularly on tour a lot of the time. I use a lot of electronic sequences and mini triggering. Sometimes I forget to trigger something and i’m wondering why the horns cut out or something like that. I’’m zoned out because I was playing guitar or something, or i’m too tired yeah touring is hard. I also sometimes miss cues or something like that and I’m like “ahhh I missed that”. But I always seem to find a way to work it back into the set. I’m big on improvising, a lot of the set is a big improvising type thing, so there's a lot of opportunities to screw up or to do something that's not that good or exciting or interesting. But, I just try to keep it open, I try to play to that card and use it to my strength in a way. Because a lot of people can sense that there is something a little unscripted here. Particularly with the songs that aren’t singles were we had time to jam and things like that. So, a lot of the audiences are getting a specific show that kinda caters to them. But to answer the question there hasn’t been many times on the top of my head where I messed up big time. A lot of the times since I use a lot of loops, so if my loop is out of time it just gets more and more out of time. So by the time you’re at the end of the song it’s so completely messed up that you fucked up the song.
Me: Hahaha yeah, I do like the improvising comment just because even when you mess up; you're presenting something else that's there and equally as good.
Darren: Yeah, that's the way I like to look at it too.
Me: So I heard Prince asked you to go on stage and jam out with him?
Darren: I played with prince last year at his studio in paisley park. He flew me out from Australia to spend some time with him. He wanted to meet me he wanted to see me play and things like that. I got to jam with him, I got to be in the studio with him and all types of stuff. He’s one of my biggest idols so that was an amazing experience. And that's really what kicked things off for me in terms of my presence in the music industry now.
Me: Sweet, so my last question is would you ever come back to the US to play more shows?
Darren: yeah definitely, that's next on my cards. I really think the American audience gets what i’m doing. I really think that it connects with them. I think um with the right backing and things like that in terms from getting help from college radio to help get that exposure out there and get people to the shows I think you know we could do really well here, I think.
Me: I definitely think you would do well here. If Harts ever came to perform at Salem State University, we do have a lot of feeling and soul at our school, so we welcome you. We’re a little radio station 91.7 WMWM. Right now we’re progressively getting a lot bigger this year. So we’re improvising as well by looking for the right feeling to attract audiences as well.
Darren: Like I said I would love too, any opportunities for people to help out like you just offered  Stuff like this is a really big help because i'm completely 100% independent so i’m kinda working business as well trying to get networking together to be able to come back to the states, so yeah.
Me: Do you have social media you would like to share so people can listen to your music and get to know you better?
Darren: yeah! hartsmusic.com and from there that links to my facebook page, instragram, twitter, itunes, spotify. Whatever you listen to music on or whatever you want to follow me on I’ve got all the networks in place. I do use them to interact with audiences on the networks as well. A lot of people tell me how they discovered me, so i’m trying to focus on how to get more people like that. So i’m kinda working that aspect as well. It’s not only a one man band it’s a one man business too.
Yeah, that’s a lot to take on and you’re doing a great job doing it. Sorry for adding more questions but is there any song you want people to check out or give a listen too?
Darren: a song I played today called “Breakthrough” It’s kinda like a funk meets rock mix of prince meets Jimi Hendrix type thing.
Me: Was that the last song? or was it the first song you played
Darren: It was the first song, but the last one was good too Red and Blue. That song has been radio hit for me in Australia both songs will be radio hits for me. They’re kinda just building internationally now. So both of the songs have been really big songs, Breakthrough and Red and Blue.
Well it’s been a great interview and I enjoyed interviewing you. I’ll definitely play you on my radio show the TRIWIZARDS
Darren: Thank you, and thanks again. ​]]>
<![CDATA[Next General Body Meeting; Mandatory!]]>Tue, 03 Mar 2015 19:35:20 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/next-general-body-meeting-mandatoryWMWM DJs, our next general body meeting is on MARCH 10th at 7pm, in the Underground OR the Metro. Update on that coming soon. Remember that to be part of WMWM, it is mandatory that you (or your co-host) attend AT LEAST 2 meetings per semester (but try to make all of them!) or you will face suspension/loss of your show. You all have great shows, so please make meetings a priority. Also ease start thinking about coming to workshops in April! Every Monday, something different, all followed by a listening party in the station with our music directors. More details to follow. ]]><![CDATA[Banquet]]>Sun, 27 Apr 2014 22:29:34 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/banquetBanquet this year is May 2nd at 7 in the underground. All DJs and their guests are invited!  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KMHRNSW  vote at that link for our annual DJ Awards!]]><![CDATA[WMWM General body meeting Tuesday 3/18]]>Sun, 16 Mar 2014 01:36:14 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/wmwm-general-body-meeting-tuesday-318Hello WMWM! I hope everyone has had a good and relaxing spring break! Just a reminder about our general body meeting on TUESDAY MARCH 18TH at SEVEN PM IN THE UNDERGROUND (that's Tuesday of this week, if you're like me and can't keep track of dates when you aren't on your regular schedule!) Please please try to have AT LEAST one representative from your show at the meeting as we are going to start taking attendance. The executive board recently started having "office hours" in the station, so if you can't make the meeting, get in touch with one of us and let us know when you can pop into the station this week to catch up! (Even if you can make the meeting, stop by the station anyways just to hang out! It gets boring 
<![CDATA[Second annual SSU Music awards!]]>Fri, 07 Feb 2014 19:36:24 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/second-annual-ssu-music-awardsGuess what's super duper soon? If you read the title you already know it's the SSU Music Awards! This is an awesome way to showcase your talent and support SSU's local musicians (and just hear some good music... Because that's what we're all about at WMWM). I'm gonna throw some dates at you, okay? Here we go:
Nominations Announced Wednesday, February 12th in Marsh 210 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm
Singer Song Writer & Male, Femal Vocals Showcase Wednesday, February 19th in Marsh Cafe from 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Rock & Rap Showcases Thursday, February 20th in The Underground & Vets Hall from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Details about the finale will be released at a later (but soon) date, so remember to check back! Definitely also check oSSU Music Awards' new home here: http://salemstatemusicaward.wix.com/ssumusicawards
Stay excellent! 
<![CDATA[WMWM hoodies!]]>Thu, 30 Jan 2014 22:22:58 GMThttp://wmwmsalem.weebly.com/blog/wmwm-hoodiesRemember those super amazing hoodies we got last year? We're getting more! WMWM hoodies are officially available to order from Jeff in room 218 of the Ellison Campus Center. Already have one? They make lovely gifts for your friends and relatives and pets (maybe not pets).